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Available Services

Product Development

I have served as a scientific advisor to other clients to evaluate the prototyping and development process of a new food product. Here, I help save you valuable resources as you move along the development process.

Technical Research

I can help you evaluate the current research and technical literature to determine the state-of-the-art and provide you insights into the best ingredients, practices, formulations, and processes available to the food industry.

Expert Witness

I am available to testify in court on cases pertaining to the food industry, especially regarding food safety, intellectual property, and food labeling. I am particularly suited for cases involving new technologies and ventures in the food business space.

Food Safety

Food safety issues can be a massive challenge. I'll support you to develop a plan to address challenges that have arisen during piloting or production that may have created spoilage and reduced your shelf-life.

Process Design

I work with you and your team to evaluate your current industrial processes and production designs. Together, we can determine ways we can improve the costs, efficiency, and shelf-life stability of your food product to address your bottom line.

Due Diligence

Are you involved in the investment, acquisition, or merger of a food business or company? I'm here to help provide the technical due diligence necessary to determine if a food company's offerings are legitimate.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is becoming increasingly important in the food industry. I am able to support your efforts in developing IP or expanding your existing portfolio through patent research and discovery.

Flavor Chemistry

As a flavor chemist, I can provide support in your formulation challenges involving flavor, or help you design a completely new flavor to suit your product needs. I dig deep into the research on flavor chemistry to provide your product with the best taste.

Technical Writing

I offer technical writing services to help you produce top-of-class documents, publications, marketing materials, or whitepapers that showcase the technology behind your company and products.


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